July 28, 2013

I Would Call It A Superb Week

Ramadhan means hospitality and tightening bonding between family and friends - one of the ways is by having break-fasting together! On Monday, I tried Bebek Kaleyo Bintaro with ai, my lovely dormmate. Aaah finally we had seat and I could taste the hot cayenne sauce menu. On Tuesday evening -after the long lectures- I went to Cempaka Putih to attend my aunt's invitation. It was my first time after moving to Bintaro that I stepped to Jakarta again, LOL. I missed the atmosphere! The traffic was horrible. It was also my first time awkwardly trying commuter line from Pondok Ranji to Tanah Abang with new e-ticketting system then I continued to her house by bus. Unfortunately, I didn't get any bus to come back. I waited until an hour and there were many bad guys that I really wanted to slap! My dormmate and her friend called, and they forced me to let them drive me home. Alhamdulillah, they saved me. They really cared. I was very grateful that behind all of my anxieties, there were people that had willingness to help :')

I gathered with my SEC exco ministers on Wednesday. We ate in Pelangi Makassar Bintaro. It was my first time to get there but I was not the only one who get shocked after receiving the plate, the portion was extremely big! I had to separate it to two portions and take out the half portion to dorm *cry* And here it was - on Thursday - I wished It would have not happened. I didn't have any appetite. I thought it was our first time to have serious long arguments like that. It was my fault because I tend to compare us with other. I just wanted to get more attention, honestly :( He kept quiet all day and it made me so broken. I cried and I couldn't sleep. But what really happened, he just gave me space to think. So here we are, we make it work out again with better understandings and adjustments. Every couple has their own curve of how to make things fine, right? I feel so grateful :') In this case, little fight sometimes works for your relationship to let you express what you feel and how you figure out of it. Love is in the air, better than before ;) Oh baby, I think I wanna marry you...... :D *sing*

Just because someone doesn't love you as the way you want them to, 
doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have - Twitvotiare. 

I stayed on my aunt's house in Depok on weekend. I accompanied him to check his test room which would be held on Sunday.  It was also his first time to go by commuter line, so I was functioned as the tour guide. But I felt safe ;) My aunt and my uncle treated me to have break-fasting outside. I was so starving that day and waiting for five-minutes-more adzan felt like the longest minutes ever, LOL. It was in ITC Depok and it was soooo crowded. People went shopping and I felt bad about them who didn't do fasting to hunt some big sale :'( People were changed by overconsumption and possession just to impress others...

After accomplishing entrance test in UI Depok, he came to my aunt's house without telling me before and picked me up. Ah sweet, thank you! Things that make me like him the most is how he always guides me to pray in early time,  to be kind, and not to be vulnerable. May Allah bless you and ease your way to pass things that you want to reach :')

Anyway, going home is just a couple days to go, yeah! Strengthen your worship in these last 10 days of Ramadhan and make yourself get closer to Allah :)

(Bintaro-Jakarta-Depok, July 22-28)

Disclaimer: This post is so expressive, as always, right? Because I think, the only place in any kind of social media that makes me feel secure to do some PDA for fun and share my own feelings is here, my blog :) LOL

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