July 15, 2013

Long Live Edelweiss! ❤

Wow, this blog has accompanied me for 4 years. It's been my life journal that helps me grow up. There are a lot of stories and memories - started when I was in second year in STAN, I graduated, I worked, then I came back to study here again. Or, since I was single until I met someone and enjoyed it day by day.

Every experience, bad day, hate, anger, questioning people, or simple happiness can be reflection that makes me grateful and teaches me to make better decision in my life. I do hope my blog will continue to bloom - maybe until I get married, I have children, I raise them happily, I go to London, and so on (I dream to be a cute wife and cool mom, actually. LOL). Who knows? :p

I really hope what I've shared can be useful for the readers too (Though I love to write random and weird things errrr). It's gonna be awesome when we can cherish every moment ❤

So, happy birthday edelweiss!

Note: Anyway, I miss my real edelweiss. I left it in my cubicle...


aNNa's said...

slamat ya,,atas blognya yg lg ultah.. *makan2 dunk :D
slamat juga,,atas karya duetnya sama memed yg menjadi nominasi kolabrasi cerpen,,so awesome.. :D

anyway, ini pertama kali ngeblogwalking blogmu! keren cha.. dalam gaya bahasa bercerita dan isinya.. bikin ga bosen buat baca, baca terus.. n.n

@chabadres said...

makasiiiih mbak anna, mampir terus yaa hihi *malu* aku juga abis blogwalking di blognya mbak ^^


smoga keluarga mbak sehat2 dan didekatkan selaluuu. Aamiiin :)