July 30, 2013


In my opinion, procrastination is a nature of human being. Everyone has tendency to get something for free though there will be no "free-lunch" in this world. People love enjoyment and the habit of delaying is such an addiction. We're going to feel satisfy after breaking the limit because having enourmous impulse and a bunch of ideas to accomplish things in last minutes, right? People also like to blame other when they failed and when they compared life to others. Life is a choice, right? Man jadda wajada :)

I am used to maintaining this procrastination thingy sometimes :( I often lack focus, lose mood, get sleepy, watch Running Man or Big Bang Theory, check timeline, wander around, or clean my room (okay, weird, I have some OCD in cleaning) when I need to accomplish something. And the result, I have to stay awake all night to push myself before deadline comes. So baaad. Too many reasons, too many regrets.

Then I find this hadith. Two things most people be fooled in, health and leisure time". (Bukhari, Imam Ahmad and Imam Turmudzi).

Oh Rabb. Yeah, sometimes we ignore our health. And procrastination makes us forget to fulfill the leisure time with something nice and productive.

I am not smart, that's why I have to be more diligent :'(

I hope I don't let my age meaningless and waste my time with something that I will regret because I am too late to do it in my past.

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