July 23, 2013

Self Note: Don't Screw Up

You are in a real danger when your doubt is greater than your competence and your trust to yourself.

How dare you are!

You wonder to yourself - why you don't learn much from your past experiences that can make you escape from terrible disappointment because of letting the coming opportunities go away. You wonder to yourself - why sometimes it's very difficult to raise hand and speak those hidden ideas confidently. You wonder to yourself - why your nerves don't have full commitment with your brain everytime you need it.

Shy? Why?

Sometimes being an introvert sucks. Sometimes, this simple thing like... gathering with people that make you feel uncomfortable can be... a very big challenge.

Can you promise not to be coward inside and show your bright side everyday? To give appreciation to yourself and gratitude to God?

Do not screw up. You can do it.

You've been these far. Brain, heart - stop talking about fear or what people would say about you. You've been going through more difficult than this, right? And you survived.


Tanaya said...

I've felt that too, Sist. They say it's called "growing up".

May we bloom to become good people. ;)

@chabadres said...

Growing up is painful. But it makes us stronger.

Yeah. Thanks for the sweet hope :)