July 14, 2013

Self Note: What I've Just Learned :)

It feels like I've never followed any serious short story competition again after the one which held by KaWanku magazine 6 years ago or E-Love Story event about 2 years ago. Honestly, I'm not confident because starting to write again in real paper and structured plot is quite difficult for me. Exception for writing blog and flash-fiction, they are my freedom :')

So, I tried. I sent my story two days before deadline. I admitted that it was not the 'fiction story' because some parts of the story of father and daughter's bonding were real. Unexpectedly, my classmate challenged me to follow collaboration category just a couple hours before deadline. I was nervous because my writing was under average . But he supported and helped me a lot, he also combined the ideas. We just finished discussing the title "Adzan Terakhir di Muka Bumi" about twenty minutes before it ended. Phew.

And we got it. We were chosen as 17 best collaboration stories. In my opinion, he was the one who deserved most for this winning. Thanks for my friend :')

Anyone who wants to read the book may order here :)

Though my own story failed to be chosen as 200 favorite stories, but I did learn a lot. I realize that my writings are bad, need a lot of improvement to make it qualified, to help me satisfied, and to kick my boredom away.

I am really grateful for this experience


Deasy Mayasari said...

wow, congratulation sist! :* awesome :) :*

@chabadres said...

thank youuu :*

Tanaya said...

Icha kereeeeen.... teruskan;) Aku tunggu buku Icha terbit di pasaran.

@chabadres said...

Aamiiin. Masih ga pede dan jauh dari layak baca nih nay. Hihi, terus menulis! :)