August 16, 2013

Two Weeks of Gratitude

I am very grateful because I get two weeks holiday from my study assignment. The main reason why I'd like to go home is just to meet three most important people in my life: dad, mom, and brother. The rests are only bonuses. That's why I love staying at home everyday, loving doing nothing here.

with Senior High School friends :)

I'm just too afraid that I don't have a lot of opportunities to see them again. So it motivates me to enjoy every moment. I have chance to sleep and bake cookies together with my mom, to have good chitchat with dad and brother - he is in senior high school now and he's just having his 15th birthday. He was so happy with our little surprise :)

We made tomato rice with curry and pineapple to celebrate Eid as one of mid-east recipes. It was so delicious. I hope I can be a good chef for my future family like what my mother does :(

Happy Eid Mubarak. Please, forgive my mistakes and may Allah bless us. Let Ramadhan's soul trace our path everyday :)

Anyway, the day of going back to Bintaro is getting closer. The more I stay here, the more I'm not ready to leave my family :(

But someone is already missing me so much right there. See you again very soon, my dear. And again, welcome back routine, welcome back assignments. I promise myself to be better and to be more motivated in facing them :)

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