October 8, 2013

Don't You See?

"Don't you see? It's just not possible for one person to watch over another person for ever and ever. I mean, say we got married. You'd have to go to work during the day. Who's going to watch over me while you're away? Or say you have to go on a business trip, who's going to watch over me then? Can I be glued to you for every minute of our life? What kind of equality would there be in that? What kind of relationship would that be? Sooner or later you'd get sick of me? You'd wonder what you were doing with your life, why you were spending all your time babysitting this woman. I couldn't stand that. It wouldn't solve any of my problems."

My favorite dialogue from Naoko to Toru Watanabe in Norwegian Wood, a novel written by Haruki Murakami. Thanks to Ai who lends me her novel for rejoicing my holiday :)


Yes, can you just stay here, stay close to me every day?



rose_duck said...
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Meidiawan C S said...

murakamiiiiii :D

@chabadres said...

Spoiler: i hate the ending!!!!! :)