October 5, 2013

Escape from My Own Shell

It's been quite long that i haven't posted any thought in this blog since the post of article contributed to APEC 2013. Unfortunately i didn't get the chance, i couldn't be there because i was having final test that week. I was upset too, when they interviewed me, my phone had trouble :'(

My Prince William and blackberry were broken in the same time. When the committee asked me why i followed that writing competition, my deepest heart answered "because i need new phone, sir :(" *hammer*

So, how am i doing now? I'm doing good. Final tests have just ended. It's time to fix my sleeping hours and the black circles around my eyes. Holiday's also coming. Because of some reasons, i decide not to go home this month. I start to miss my family and my class mates.

I realize that i have some issues of being introverted. Sometimes all i need is just 'me time' or a hug. But i know that i need to go out from my own shell. It's quite challenging, i meet new friends, and feel happier. 

Sometimes my brain always says that "he or she doesn't like you" or "you are nothing to be here". But those all are wrong. It just happens in my brain :')

I started to join voluntary committee like academic conference in Oct 3, 2013. I was so excited because that event really motivated me and i met persons from my office and other offices. So who's ever said that having study assignment makes you lack from networking? I did say it. But it doesn't. Your point of view and circle are also widening.

I really miss coffee break session actually. I always love free food!

And have you known that STAN already has Radio? It is radio blast or blended as STANers. You can listen it by streaming in Radio Blast or from winamp application from your gadget, enter manually station on shoutcast with It was launched in Oct 1, 2013 and we will be on air every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 7 to 9 pm. Stay tuned guys :)

So how am i doing? I am doing good. The best part is i don't really feel deep loneliness anymore these days. Alhamdulillah :)

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