October 7, 2013

Patahan #79

No matter how hard you are trying to give up, loneliness will always be everyone's best friend. Sometimes you hate it and let people gather around you, and make a lot of excuses to understand them - though you know it hurts to see how annoying it is. But, sometimes you close all doors to the outside world, shut access down to your phone, and let solitude relieve you.

Is it tiring to keep lying to yourself like that?  Pretend that you like it while your heart and brain feel so inferior and keep digging hole to find any kind of escapes to go away from those stuffs? The worst part is you still do things because you are afraid of those people, not because you really want to, or at least you are obliged to do so.


Bisakah kita punya kesempatan untuk memilih dengan hati lapang, menyelesaikan urusan masing-masing, dan berteman saja dengan tenang?


K said...

look at the brightside... if there's a zombie apocalypse, u'll be just fine..

"Columbus: I avoided people like they were zombies before they were all zombies."

@chabadres said...

Haha, funny :)) oh why, I hate zombies!

k said...

lol.. in that case.. remind me to catch u first when zombie apocalypse come..