October 24, 2013

Simply Smile

Today i went to bookstore to find some stuff and kill the time. I found a cute Eiffel tower bookmark and pleasurably pass an inevitable corner. It was fulfilled with wrapping decorative things, dried flowers, pastel crayons, and watercolor.

My memory suddenly flew to years ago when my dad patiently took me to a course every weekend to learn painting, and he always did the best to save money to buy them for me (I still keep those crayons in my room, dad ♡)... but sadly it just stopped. One day in the future, i would accompany my child do drawing, coloring, and holding pencils with her/his little fingers. It would be nice. That imagination simply made me smile.

Then, on Oct 23 my juniors had been graduated. One of them was my dormmate. She was a lovely young sister for me. That night, she gave me a surprise in refrigerator - an ice cream, with a note above. It was just too sweet. It never failed me to create a smile and silently cry.

Being loved is amazing feeling, right?

What else? Too many, Rabb. Thank You. Thank You so much. Especially for the health and happiness that You give to my parents ♡

It was raining. I always believed that it was the best moment to say some prayers, every drop meant a blessing, and the angels guarded it. It was cold but i feel warmth when my mind came to you, and i said "see you when i see you".

Another smile happened.

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