November 11, 2013

Movember ~

Hiatus attacked! It's quite long that i didn't write. Assignments flooded but i think it should not be excuse :(

So what happens these days? November is comiiing. It feels this is the month that i actually move. My spirit comes back. I always realize that i'm a person who's quite difficult to accept things. But when time goes on, i know these are what i should be and what i should do. I think it is the beauty of being adult, we learn to be responsible to consequences that we are commited to.

Aaaand.... i'm also getting older! Time flies and i even don't realize it's my chance to be 24. It's Nov 7 and I'm officially 24! Alhamdulillah. I'm very grateful with the opportunities and love Allah gives to me. My dad waited not to sleep until 12 pm to send me wishful message for his daughter. I cried because dad was the first person who sent me prayers that day :') Then in the dawn my dormmate Ai and Mbak Elle knocked the door and surprised me with birthday cake. Sweet. My friend, ummi who stayed for two nights in my room to follow Advanced Diploma test in STAN joined to treat surprise. Yes i did miss my girlfriends.

My boyfriend came in the morning and picked me up thought i hadn't taken a bath :( we had porridge chicken for breakfast and he gave me a gift. I was so happy to see his face in that morning and his willingness to give me his time :'). My brother and my mom also called me, i loved their prayers. They made me wanna go home soon.

Totally, i got four cakes that day. From my doormate, from my friends of another class, from STAN English Club, and from ummi, she gave me a cute winnie the pooh cake. My best friend Osel sent me a cute t-shirt from Medan. Thank you for all of your prayers. May Allah bless you. Thank you :')

What is another move? I learn to be extroverted introvert. It's nice to meet a lot of people. I dare to do what i think i can't. I learned to coach my juniors. And i joined another voluntary committee in Reuni Akbar STAN when my friends asked me to help to be an additional MC in the last minutes. Thought i just spoke some short sentences in the opening but i was very satisfied that i could do it.

Happy movember all!


To Magguru said...

ichaaaaa selamat ulang tahuuuuun, semoga semakin berkah dan bermanfaat sisa umurnya dan terkabul cita-cita dan semua harapan.aminn.
ternyata kita lahir di bulan yang sama cha, tapi terpaut waktu 4 tahun. hihi

@chabadres said...

Selamat ulang tahun juga mbak ku yang cantik dan cerdas :*

Smoga sisa usianya berkah, bermanfaat, dan harapan2nya terwujud ya ♥