October 30, 2013

They Call Me Bed Rest :D

It's funny when my friends know me better as Farisa Badres or chabadres rather than Farisa Noviyanti. I laughed when seeing name in the attendance list of an event written as Badres, though it's actually not my official name either in birth certificate or diploma XD That name was replaced and hidden because my parents thought it would be difficult for me to get job or to have administrative services. As if they knew, yes, I really love that name :D

I purposely introduced myself in public with Badres because i wanted to introduce my family name. I was born in Medan, indirectly gifted in Yemen Arabic blood from my grandpa, grandma, and both of my parents were even relatives. I got the Badres for them. 

It used to be difficult to define what ethnic group i was included :( i really didn't know, in elementary school when my friends could mention who they were, i was confused how to spot an Arabic... so i mentioned myself as Malay that time -___- and it still happens until today, I just mention myself as Medan people. I am pure and proud Indonesian. Arabic is only left in culture and blood, I don't know the language because we don't use it in daily life, and I don't have any close relatives more in that motherland.

Why i still use that name? Because that name is into the scarcity XD i mean the number of people own it is getting fewer so i want to raise the image. Furthermore, that name will disappear if i get married :/ we use patriarchy system so only boys will bring that name until they die.

So that's the random story :D

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