December 27, 2013

Heart Medication (1)

When heart starts to feel cold, Allah always has ways to make me back to gratitude.

I just met an old woman standing confusedly with her walker beside a crowded road across Bintaro Plaza. She looked at me and said, "Are you going across, dear?"

"Yes, ma'am". I nodded.

"Please, help me to go there with you"

I held her hand and asked, "Are you alone, ma'am? It's so dangerous. What will you do there?"

"Thank you, dear. Yes, I am. I stop by here to buy some breads for my grandchildren. I remember them. They love breads..."

"How sweet. Take care, ma'am"

And we separated. I kept watching her from behind to make sure that she walked in a right direction. She stood carefully with her walkers and chose the breads.


It really broke my heart. That old woman... she reminded me to my grand mother. For me, it's a kind of heart medication. Do you feel happier and life is more meaningful when you can help people? Help people, and you will be helped.

Thanks Allah for your reminder ♡

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