December 31, 2013

These are To Do :)

So, i've just dealt with stupid procrastination in the post What To Do. Okay, let me assume it as an excuse with doing contemplation. But super long contemplation is lame, sooo lame. So i push myself to do internal attrition - a movement that comes from internal locus of control.

I started my day by going to bookstore and read some books on the spot. I was just too picky to buy recent trend books which seem not worth it to have. And, yay, I finished reading a book titled 'Perempuan' by Quraish Shihab. It contained three main topics: daily moslemah life, marriage, and raising children. I thought it was very good for my self development (okay, be honest, to know more about marriage) and realizing that Islam really loved women.

I also had chance to crave for Hoka hemat in December, yay. You know, Hoka Bento is quite expensive these days, because of new pattern and new strategy, so i do miss Hoka Hemat. But December is... now gone :/

I finally wrote a short story this month and a script for new year, i didn't need two hours before broadcasting to drive my mood like what happened lastly. It was very relieving. And i insist to write most of the posts in English to help me learn. At the beginning it was quite difficult, but the more I try the more I am fluent :') Though most of my posts are about my daily activities *shy* but I feel better after writing.

My smartphone is very helpful these days, i can type, i can read, i can post things with this smart tool. I really love Kingsoff Office and Blogspot for Android. My prince william is in hiatus because the keyboard can't function anymore, but mister vitamin lent me his and it's been three months with me. Thank you for lending me for a while and saving my college life :"

It's New Year's Eve. I'll stay for two nights in my aunt's. There is nothing special with new year. I don't like crowd, I just hate looking people throw away garbage in every place or smoke in public :" Being a homey person is super nice. For me 2014 is maturity. I just hope I can do wiser financial planning and do prayers in beginning of each time. I do hope so. And the rests... I believe in You, Allah.

And I forgot to tell that finally I did some walking. It was real. It was the last weekend on December but it was my first time to go fishing in Cisauk, Tangerang. Yay, he taught me to do so and i only got one small fish. So we let it go back to the pond. And in the end of the day, i learned big thing about understanding. Sometimes i just prioritize my ego, but have i tried to give the people i love a little more understanding?

I feel blessed.

2013 is over. May Allah accept all of good things that we have done. What we plant is what we get, right? Nothing is useless :)

January 2014 will come soon. It's gonna be ultimate tough month. Hey, survive and smile :)

Anyway, the post is loooong. Sorry for every random thing pops up in my head and thank you for reading :)

*Postscripts: All I regret these days is I don't do enough exercise and I think I gain some weights. Come on, do jogging and zumba, then!

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