December 25, 2013

Mister Vitamin

And I have no idea how I can be emotionally dependent with this person. Maybe because we are just much different each other. Like chocolate and peanut butter, it makes me complete and normal. I couldn't imagine if i were with somebody like me, because i do know how boring and complicated i can be.

And i have no idea how i can turn to be common girl without lot of pretending and tears. Wouldn't it be nice to have somebody that you can share with any moments maybe about being hugged in your dream, your random story in the morning, your hate and love in something, songs you just sing, stupid selfie you just take, your passion and fear, or about snacks that you've just shopped for hectic night and lazy evening?

It is perfect - to have someone that you can either rely on to help and to hold, to lead and to say that I'm wrong, to support and to love, and  ignore me somehow to push me stay dependent and strong. Yes, it is - to have someone to argue each other but end it with 'how' and laugh. Yes, it is - to make planning together, to have vision, to deal with 'i want to see you' but he has more important things to do, to accept imperfection, not to be  romantic and pathetic, to surprise with hardwork and real proofs, which make me pretty sure that I'm ready with this.

And i have no idea how he turns to be my vitamin through these rough days. Because i feel alive and problems seem lighter. And he is one of my reasons trying to be better.

In my deepest heart, I'd like to present "Thank you for your kindness and your patience, and sorry for disturbing your day, every day with my routine call and messages, stories, 'i am not slim', 'give me more attention', or 'when?'. I just don't have somebody that i can trust until this peak point".

My big gratitude to Allah with prayers that connect every heart more than anything in the world can do.

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