December 12, 2013

The Perks of Being Deadliner

I've been very moody these days. Assignments come and go, and sometimes i really need pressure and stable mood to make them accomplished. When my brain -like the engine- has been warm, i can do it fast and everything runs well. I just need to make my engine warm, and I can spend some nights without enough sleep.

I need my vitamin to make me stay sane. What is my vitamin? My mother's voice and his call. Knowing there are some persons who care about me is thing that I should be grateful most. Is it beautiful when we realize we have the real supporters in our life? And finally, here come prayers. When there is nobody who stays beside us, we always have Allah. Allah is the best listener, ever.

And what's worse than having a writing block? Script block. The assignments flooded and my imagination stopped. I didn't have any idea until 2 hours before broadcasting. I forced my brain to think and my fingers to type - and 30 minutes before it should be released, it's done. Sometimes I need pressure, but sometimes it makes me really stressful and tiring. Adrenaline rushes!

What else did I miss? I missed two writing events in these two months. One was fairy tale competition by birokreasi, and another was essay competition from Pekan Mahasiswa STAN. Growing up makes me understand reality rather than imagination. I failed to write the fairy tale in the first page.

Maybe this is the difference between writing for passion and escape. When it is your passion, you have consistency. No matter how hard time goes, you always have reason to write. But when it is only about your escape, it's over.

And in this point, I realize. I just write for an escape.

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