December 26, 2013

What To Do?

December feels like the longest month ever in 2013 while November has run too fast. It seems I start to miss my activities. I miss things that I used to hate. Pressure. So it's true, we need pressure in balanced dose to make us keep moving, right? The mid-test will come soon, but hell yeah deadliners, I haven't made any meaningful move to prepare. What does I miss? Pressure, adrenaline, and... people! Told you, being alone and having abundant me time will kill you slowly. Let me call it as GUILTY PLEASURE. Me time is nothing if compared whom you can share with right?

I find another theory, it is similar with thermodynamics law: energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. It can be applied in human being. We transfer energy to one and another. When we are in good environment, we are gonna have good mood and big energy to solve the things together. But how about when we are in bad environment? Are we strong enough to be a trigger without being tarnished? Or when we are a single fighter, are we tough enough to create the energy that inspire everyone? And it's me. My energy is growing when I see people around doing the same things. My energy is awake when I am supported and I have targets. I hate dealing with solitude. I remember when my brother came here to accompany me last year. I just can't wait to teach the kids, meet my friends coming back from home, and realize that I'm not alone in this boarding house, and yeaaaah I love to see that scene and my energy will be loaded!

I have a lot of dreams these nights. Most are about people whom I love. I even have dream about the assignment that I really can't understand until today. I dream the lecturer, friends, and me doing normalization and relational database that actually fail me and the class. It's a nightmare. Even in the day, it's still a nightmare. And then, I dream walking with my mom. Sometimes it's annoying to be an overthinking and emotionally dependent person like me :(

I spent the days with escaping, sight-seeing, visiting my newlywed best friend's house (I miss her so much), treating myself ice cream and Big Ben puzzle, and hunting the gifts. I went to more than three places in a day to get a gift, but I couldn't find it. I was upset, so I bought something else, surely he needed it someday. I woke up early in December 24 to get him surprise, hid in restaurant beside his office waiting and pretending to enjoy my breakfast (junk food in the morning, bad!) and asked him to come. Happy birthday my December man, hope Allah bless you and love you more ♡♡♡

so close :)

What else? I watched five movies that successfully make me cry in December. What are they? Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, The Company Men, We Bought A Zoo, and The Korean Movie - The Classic. Oh my God, the movies are awesome! I don't give any review here because I realize I'm not an objective person in reviewing things (especially if it can touch my feelings and make me cry), but give a try! Unfortunately, I didn't finish any new book this month (text books are excluded)!

Still, I miss doing something real. I miss some walking. Can we, please?

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