January 21, 2014

D4 Gala Night

Gala Night was held in Jan 18, 2014 for D4 students. It was Saturday evening and took place at G Building, STAN. For us, this event was for celebration of friendship and joy while sometimes we were too busy being chased by assignments and busyness itself. It felt like a prom night while the gentlemen wore suits and the ladies wore dresses. Actually, the event had been started from a month ago with some games and sports. And in the morning at the same day, the traditional competition was held. I wanted to try something new so I followed relay race. It was so fun although I could not move my legs afterwards :(

Every class had to represent food stall and one performance. At first, I was so confused and sad because actually no girlfriend from my class could attend the event and prepare the food. But there were still available hands willing to give help. We shopped, decorated the stall, and organized things together. It was quite long I didn't experience moment like that. So, two days before the event, I tried to browse some information about online order for Tumpeng. Thank God, I found the page and contacted them immediately. Dapur Nera was very professional and helpful! The taste was good, and the fried chicken was the best. I was so happy when friends came visiting our stall and took the food. I tried food from other classes too. They were very creative! There were spaghetti, cakes, pudding, 'siomay', snack in 90's, and many more.

And yeah, we got third place for best performance. Thought it was so exhausting, but it was so delightful.

 Thanks guys!

*The picture taken from friend's camera.

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