January 4, 2014

Don't Hate Her

Don't hate her because she loves asking the questions. It's not to fail you, trust her and look upon her heart. She does it because she really wants to know, no matter else. Don't hate her because she likes to read the books. It's not cool for you, but it's the simplest way for her to find some peace, and similar with you who like movie or travel a lot. Don't hate her because she craves for weekend. She just needs to meet that guy whose his arms become her shelter. Don't hate her because she is a loner. You just don't know what's wandering around her mind in her silence. Don't hate her because she hates this place that she used to dream of. All she needs is love and treated as a normal.

Just hate her because she hurts you or hurts herself more than anyone else.

Because beyond what you have ever thought about her, there is a hidden sadness in her eyes and her smile. She always looks miserable even when she laughs.

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k said...

People who have tendencies to hurt themselves need a person to break them from their own prison...