January 1, 2014

Heart Medication (2)

A friend said, " If you haven't had experience of being robbed in public transportation, so you are not legitimate to live in Jakarta". Seriously? Naudzubillah :(

This friend, my best partner in sub-directorate, has been so often being robbed or losing something. Why? Because he used to have blank mind or sleep in public transportation. So we didn't surprise anymore when he told us that he lost his phone or wallet :( *pukpuk*

I had experience too, i hope it will not happen anymore. May Allah protect us. It happened two years ago and it remained so strong in my mind as a heart medication and trust that faith in humanity still existed in Jakarta. I was on the way to office in Lapangan Banteng from my aunt's in Condet. I used to get there by Metro Mini 53 until Kampung Melayu and continued with Mikrolet M01 until office instead of super crowded Trans Jakarta. Metro Mini 53 was really crazy, you should go before 6 am to survive from crazy traffic in PGC and to get place to stand. The driver also had no fear! That day, i chose not to go with metro mini. So i took mikrolet to PGC, and then changed to Kampung Melayu.

Mikrolet had been full but a junior high school student still stopped it and forced himself to sit, so 4 seats turned to 5. There was somebody really suspicious beside me. I felt being pushed by him, and he smelled really bad! I covered my bag, hoped he went out soon, and yeah, he went out. Then his position was replaced by the student.

When we almost reached Kampung Melayu, I opened my bag trying to find my purse, but it was not there. I was so confused, fortunately i still had three thousands rupiah in my pocket bag to pay. I called my aunt but she said my purse wasn't there too and i didn't have money to continue to office. I chose ojek and i called Gede to wait me and lent me his money to pay first. I was shocked and he treated me Soto Lamongan to make me calm. He said hot food was good for relaxation. I really miss this friend :(

I said to my aunt that i couldn't accept it, i still hoped the purse was back. My aunt said i should accept what had been defined by Allah. I couldn't focus when I worked. I called the bank soon to block my ATM cards. Then some hours later, there was a woman calling my office said that she found my purse. She got it from my employee card. She was in the same mikrolet with me and felt insecure too, and she looked that student threw my purse after taking my ATM cards and money (he threw it in mikrolet after everyone went out -___-) . I felt so relieved. Thank You Allah. My ID card (KTP), Taxpayer Registration (NPWP), and employee card were still there. I couldn't imagine if i lost them, i needed my ID card to get back my ATM cards. She left her office number and she also added my facebook account. I called her, bismillah, in the weekend i made promise to get back my purse in her house in East Jakarta.

I was afraid, my aunt warned me to stay careful. But my heart said that she was good person. I came there alone, it was my first time to go there. I bought some cookies and I finally got her house. She lived there with her husband and a baby. She welcomed me and told her the story. I was really thankful for her kindness :")

May Allah protect us everyday, everywhere and meet us with good people. Aamiin.

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