January 9, 2014

I Can Feel You From Your Package, Mom

I love sending surprises and exchanging packages with parents either their favorite food or souvenir of the places I go. It feels like I stay connecting to them although I can't be there and go home often. This time, my mom sent me a package. I was so happy because it was quite long that I didn't receive examination doping from mom. At the third day of mid test, the package arrived. Yes, it just arrived! I opened it, and here the simple happiness she sent to me.

mumu :*

Mom made spicy anchovies and peanuts. Mom wanted me to eat it with cooked rice and vegetable. But I liked to enjoy it as snack! Mom ground the chillies with grinding stones by herself. I could feel her hand and her love in it. She needed about a fourth kilos chillies! She asked, "Is it super hot?" And I answered, "No, it's not at all, mom" LOL. Something's wrong with my tongue :/

Mom also included my favorite childhood snacks in the package. You can see from the picture, they are Cloud 9 Chocolate, Hello Panda (Oh God, I love it!), and 41 Orong-orong. It is one of traditional snacks from Medan produced since 1982 made from flour and egg. So addictive. As usual, she always warned me to eat regularly and not to have unhealthy diet. Of course not mom, I love food. It is my everlasting problem huksss. But I am so excited to welcome healthier and slimmer me in 2014! Let's start with workout routine!

Thank you, mom and dad. I love you. May Allah protect you and bless you always.

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