February 20, 2014


"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm." - Aldous Huxley


I know that they keep comparing us with others. They say that we are less enthusiastic to things presented in front of us. It is not absolutely right, but also not totally wrong. First premise, everyone is different and... special! It can be forced. Everyone has certain guts that wake their inner dragon. What makes him/her enthusiastic the most is not similar as mine, vice versa. Second premise, respect is number one value for human interaction. So, when enthusiasm and respect are on the same position, what will you win first?  I think respect must go first. How does it feel when someone in front of you talking or asking a question but you just keep silent or socialize with your smartphone? Does it hurt?

Furthermore, enthusiasm can be begun because of understanding. Because you don't know its meaning and importance for your life... but when you start to realize it's important, you'll chase it with all power you have. Enthusiasm can be begun because of appreciation. Yes, sometimes we are just too busy with ourselves and our ego.

Then, environment influences a lot. It is a pressure to stand up alone while most of people around fooling and laying below. Some great people give up not because they fail, but because of the fears, or because environment thinks they are not normal. They are weird. They are threat. They are hated. They are just involved when needed. Does it hurt?

So what's wrong with us actually? When resistance is in the same portion as acceptance, no movement happens. It's the conclusion.

My lecturer said  before we watched Pocari Sweat History this morning (it was wonderful to know the beautiful truth behind!), "Arrogance comes when someone is overconfident, or on the contrary, when someone does not have any strength in head and heart at all, so it is what he/she does to stay existed"

It's only a month to go. Let's see and wait the good things happen.





Post Script: Anyway, when I am writing this, the rain falls all day outside. And, nothing is better than the smell of person you love. The petrichor is defeated by the smell on jacket that you just returned two days ago.

It makes me smile.

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