February 2, 2014

STAN Next Top Writers

Feb 2, 2014.

Aksara STAN held Honeymoon for Writers as the closing event for STAN Next Top Writers after having four weeks challenge of elimination. I didn't expect that I could reach top three because I was not confident and I used to think that my writings were bad. I had to thank to my classmate who walked until this step too and supported me to improve my writings consistently. As what I wrote in earlier post, following the competition as D4 student was a burden. I was shy and I didn't know why.

The finale was set at the end of the event. We didn't have any idea what we had to do because no information was given before. We were asked to sit in front of the audiences and wrote for 6-8 minutes about the song and theatrical dance played. The song was Resah from Payung Teduh and we had to write the story with the same title. Honestly, it was so difficult for me because my idea didn't pop up easily in the condition like that. The host read our writings one by one without telling who the writer was. After listening, the audiences came to give the votes. I was so nervous when the jury criticized and gave the opinions about the writings. But I was so grateful because I knew what I needed to upgrade.

me and classmate

I got the third place, and my classmate got the second. The first place was achieved by Wildy, our younger sister. I was so happy. Thank Allah for this opportunity. I really learned much. The competition itself was not between me and them, but it was between me and myself. I needed to force myself to keep writing and battle with my own mood. It was my motivation.

P.S: I will post the short stories from every challenge in my next posts. I hope you don't mind reading it and giving comments :)

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