March 26, 2014

Tribute of Togetherness

Wednesday, April 26.

Today was the last day of final examination in semester eight. It was terrifying accounting test that lost our appetite, oh God........ :'(

still... in front of this phenomenal background :p

But life should go on. After the test, we prepared our farewell party. This gathering was pioneered by the project given from our leadership lecturer. The party was held in 2nd floor of Bebek Kaleyo Bintaro. Of course I'm gonna miss all of them who has become my family, my classmate, and friends to learn, friends to laugh, friends to share. Thanks for this amazing one year, guys. Please forgive my ego. Everydays seems much easier because of you :)

saranghaeyooo :)

After having lunch and watching some performances, we exchanged the gifts and I got the mug. Happy! Then, everyone was given cute and funny award. They gave me award as Miss PHP (The girl of fake promise). It felt like................ LOL. It was the past, actually :p


The holiday has come. Yay, I can't wait to go home. See you again in the next path! :)

What is stronger than bones? Virtues. 

What is tighter than blood? Heart.

And what contains both of them? Friendship. It is you.

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