March 28, 2014

She is A Wallflower

Her name is Violet. She likes toast as she loves books. She often speaks with her own mind when she is in crowd. She gets bored easily, but she is really nice. Yes, she is a perfect girlfriend - something that she never knows.

She is invited in a lot of groups in social media. She hates notification knowing that people keep chatting, even for unimportant things. She is a silent reader. She is invisible. She is beautiful in her unnoticed behavior and being alone - something that she never knows.

She is asked to involve in various kinds of activities. She realizes that it's challenging to stay in places or meet people that honestly don't make her comfort or force her to be extroverted while she is pure introverted. She often runs and creates reasons to escape. She loves small groups, and speaks one to one. When she finally meets some friends that really connect to her, she can't stop talking, laughing, and becomes so loyal. She works behind the scene, she has brilliant ideas - something that she never knows.

"How about saying no?" - her heart is bleeding.

"Violet, we need you. Can you do this for us please?"

She should have said no. She gives up her mind and walks back on her desk.

Yes, she is a wallflower - something that she never knows.

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