April 8, 2014

The Art of Missing Someone

One day, you will find the beauty of holding the phone, pressing the buttons, and cancelling it suddenly because you understand your ego is nothing compared with the need of having good rests for your loving one. You cover your body with blanket though you are awake because your nerves ask that voice for their lullaby. The eyes never lie and they create the rains without cold and storm shaking your body until you fall asleep. God answers your prayers and gives you nice dreams. You remember every detail and you have more energy in the morning. You jump and search your phone over your bed once you wake up. The battery is off. You are hurry to charge and turn the power on. It will be like a chocolate box. Sometimes you find a hello, a smile, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get a little sorrow. But you let it be, it happens again tomorrow.

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