April 22, 2014

The Proposal

Saturday, April 19, 2014.

After 3 years and 5 months, finally we reached that path. It was one of the biggest decisions in my life. Tough time had passed, and Allah made it clear that day. Alhamdulillah... :')

The preparation had been started for more than a month. He formally asked me on March and his family planned to hold it in my holiday. I was so nervous, it was like a dream! It was difficult at first, but I knew Allah would always guard me and bless our intention. First step was convincing myself and asking my parents. Surprisingly, they agreed though they was shocked as I predicted, LOL. Second step was introducing him and requesting approval from my big family. It was not easy because they loved me too much and they still assumed me as a little girl, oh too sweet :') but finally, with Allah's help, I succeeded to get the approval and a lot of prayers. Thank youuu, especially for my grandma and auntie.

Third step was preparing the details like 'seserahan'  and the rings. I really had no idea about this and I had to steal some time between my final test. Thank God, I got help from his cousin and she accompanied us to buy things we needed. On that moment, I realized that shopping was important knowledge that I should have learned :( We hunted in Tanah Abang for clothes, bags, prayers equipment, veils, and bed cover then we continued to buy bath and make ups items in Tebet Market. We bought shoes and personal items in some malls in Tangerang, and the rings were ordered in Cikini Gold Market. When we arrived there on Saturday at 4.30 pm the store was almost closed, but the owner still served us well. I chose the white gold for me and the silver one for him with my name carved behind his ring, and his behind mine. The service for name carve was free, happy! It took three weeks to finish the rings. It was tiring, but they said the struggle would be the sweet memory for us.

Time ran fast. He and his parents from Singkawang had landed in the morning. Mom and dad prepared food and invited the family and neighbors. It would be started after Magrib prayer. Unfortunately, when the clock reached 5.30 pm, the electricity was off! Medan and the electricity was never-ending story. I wanted to cry, I had not dressed up, and suddenly I got Pre-Proposal Syndrome! Aaargh, I was not ready for this. But, Allah gave help, we still could turn on the electricity from the genset dad's friend lent.  Miracle :')

I could not wait calmly. I wanted to cry. The guests had come. I was hid in the room until I was asked to come out, so I did not know what happened outside. But it was wonderful, some friends came and they accompanied me in my room to make me feel fine :') When it was my time to come out (I could feel the crazy heartbeat!) and asked if he was the man, I nodded. And, he was asked the same question too if I was the girl, and he said yes. I just looked down aaargggh I was shy. His mother put the ring in my left ring finger as the commitment, and my mother did the same. I was trembling, I could not open my hand. LOL. The proposal was ended with prayers. I hugged mom and dad (I held my tears................), and met my family to shook and kiss their hands. Alhamdulillah, I could breathe now.

One of my biggest dreams is we can plan and organize it with our own effort and savings. I surrender to Allah for everything. And, the wedding will be held in Jakarta on November this year as the agreement reached. Wish us luck! :')

"I'm gonna marry your daughter
And make her my wife
I want her to be the only girl that I love for the rest of my life
And give her the best of me 'till the day that I die..." (Brian McKnight - Marry Your Daughter)


Queen Aida Listia said...

I'm happy for you kak icha...^^ selamat ya...semoga diberi kelancaran selalu sampai hari bahagianya tiba *xoxo

Nauval Hafiluddin said...

Subhanallah icha lamaran. Barakallah. Semoga dilancarkan sampai hari-hari berikutnya.

@chabadres said...

makasiiiih aida dan opank. Aamiiin buat doa-doanya :)

To Magguru said...

alhamdulillah selamat ichaaaaaaaaaaa
ikut berbahagia. semoga lancar acaranya nanti dan happily ever after

@chabadres said...

makasiiiih kakak niar sayaaang :*

Tanaya said...

Ichaaaa... such great news. Alhamdulillah. May everything go well according to plan. Good luck Icha:)

@chabadres said...

Thank you, my dear nayaaa... :') Aamiiin.

Latifa_Sulistiaji said...

So sweeeeeettttttt... Ichaaaaa... kiss kiss kisssss...*muahhhhhh

Dee dan Secangkir Kopi said...

Aaaah... Aku terharuu.. Baca ini smbil nahan mewek.. Huhuhu..
Barakallah dear.. Very very happy for u..
Semoga diberi kelancaran sampai november nanti..

@chabadres said...

makasiiiih mbak tifa dan dee. Alhamdulillah akhirnya sampai di titik ini. Mohon doanya terus yaaaa :*

fulcrums said...

wewww soswit banget cha, barakallah laah.moga lancar prosesi berikutnyaa