May 26, 2014

PTK Olympic

No, I was not an athlete. Actually, an athlete without sweating. LOL. It was my first chance to join PTK (Perguruan Tinggi Kedinasan) Olympic because in this year, there were some academic competitions held, like English Speech, Scrabble, and scientific paper. I was so nervous to accept the offer because I didn't experience this anymore for quite long. The preparation took a week from composing text and doing some practices. I picked Bureaucracy Reform as my speech theme.

The Olympic was held on May, 24-25 in Sekolah Tinggi Pertanahan Nasional, Yogyakarta. The contingent consisted of 100 athletes and committees left for Yogyakarta on Friday evening with bus after the mid-test. It was my first time to travel in Java by bus and there was still a class on Friday afternoon - it meant it was my first permission during lectures. Fortunately, no quiz for that day. Fyuh!

Athletes without sweating XD

It took 16 hours to reach Yogyakarta. The competition started on 8 a.m. but we had just arrived on 9.30 a.m. I didn't want to see my sleepy face, LOL. We registered and asked for the last turns. We took a bath, changed the clothes, and ready to perform. I got some stage-lag at first but it was alright! The winners was announced not so long after the competition. My senior and my president of STAN English Club won the gold medal, and unpredictably, I got the second place - I won the silver medal. So happy! Both of us could make STAN proud that day :')

with the winner and my President - Rahmat K. Harahap. Please, ignore my sleepy face :(

 The girls slept in dormitory. It was my experience sleeping together with friends from another PTK and got to know each other. But I was so sleepy so I slept early and I didn't realize anymore who was in my left and right side :D Oh yes, besides Olympic, there was also PTK Expo. Every PTK was unique!

STAN got the third place with 5 gold medals, 5 silver, and 1 bronze. My friends were awesome! Sadly, some athletes didn't have chance to compete because we were late. We went back to Bintaro on Sunday afternoon. I was so grateful to have this opportunity. Thank you for the committees, for prayers from parents, friends, and family, and for support from my-soon-hubby-to-be :)

Anyway, I recommend channel from Rachel's English and Toast Master to improve your ability in public speaking. It works!

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