May 5, 2014

So Far So Good :)

May is already coming! Time always runs fast. It just needs two months to reach Holy Ramadhan again. Anyway, what's the progress so far?

New Class
It's been a year studying in advanced diploma, so the ninth semester has begun! Classmates change, new lecturers, new lessons... I love these. Good environment makes me feel fine and stay young.

New Students
Accidentally got chance to teach kids again, alhamdulillah. I just walked alone to buy meals and a mother suddenly asked me to teach her kids. They are still in primary school and their house is close from my dorm. I am so happy. It feels like everything just happens in the right time. I look forward to start teaching tomorrow... :)

"Wa man yattaqillaha yaj'al lahu makhrojaa,wayarzuqhu min haitsu laa yahtasiib" - And whoever fears Allah - Allah will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect [At Thalaq 65:2-3]

Can't wait to see another surprise from Allah :)

New Book (Borrowed) To Read
It is quite long I don't read novel (and go to movie). Thanks for a friend who lent me her book to make me stay alive. Yay, finally got chance to read Inferno!

Wedding Preparation
The most difficult (and never-ending) preparation is mental. A lot of friends and relatives give me advices about the preparation. And I hope I am not infected by the crazy Pre-Wedding Syndrome (because I've started to be a bridezilla...). It's exciting to prepare most of the details by ourselves. It's tiring but it's priceless. So far, the venue was already booked before the proposal. Finding available venue in Jakarta was tight competition! Though we didn't get the Customs Head Office venue in Rawamangun (because it's already booked until 2015.... *speechless*), Allah gave the guidance. We got better venue with more affordable price in Pasar Minggu named Sasana Pakarti. So grateful :')

Yesterday we hunted invitation in Tebet Market and souvenir in Mester Market Jatinegara. We just looked around and chose not to decide soon. I just thought to design the invitation by myself and to hunt the souvenir in another place later. It was quite tiring to get there by motorcycle from Bintaro and we just ended taking a rest in the mosque, LOL. The most important thing to hold the wedding is to organize the budget efficiently and cut the unimportant list to save the costs. Communication is also essential to accommodate and decide what's best for what I want, what he wants, and what our families want. And... don't be stressful, have faith - good thing will happen :) *though I have to admit I do overthinking and sigh for everything, the list is still long*

Girls Day
And, finally got time to meet my girlfriends! I miss girl talk, good friends... I always miss them.

I really hope I can achieve the 'new me' everyday. 'New me' who is brave enough to conquer her fears and to reach her dreams. 'New me' who loves learning and challenging herself. 'New me' who is happy, confident, and happier with her life!

Stay positive and smile! :D

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