June 1, 2014

Digitally Attached

Alhamdulillah. Finally, I can move on from the guilt and loneliness after the lost of my phone. I still have parents, best friend, and him who never leave me, and I have Allah who guarantees every piece of my life. I feel something good, much better than before. I feel loved, and it is a bless :)

Many good things happened today. My best friend, Ai asked me to accompany her trying to teach kids in Sarmili on Sunday morning. How sad to see they lived with the environment in poverty and garbage. But the smile painted on their face. It made me realize that I once forgot to have gratitude, although so many things that we could rejoice in life.

Under the heat attack, we walked to the campus and found out there was a heritage festival. Ai treated me cute bracelet from Borneo stand. It would be my future homeland, LOL. And, we went around and fulfilled our stomach with some cheap and delicious culinary. I was happy. Thank you for her! :)

This case taught me that I was digitally attached to some people in my life. Looking 'last seen' in whatsapp application could make me happy because I knew he/she was there. Now, I was back to short messaging era for a while. Nothing you could check on your phone, no unwanted notification from unwanted chat, you just focused on your duty, and no insecurity came out. Being digitally attached was sad, but you would find out that being naturally attached was awesome. When they called me and my best friend hugged me, I cried. How vulnerable! But, actually hormonal effect made it worse :p And... I loved being hugged.

We live in the era when we are totally connected in digital tools. When they are gone, we feel dumb and nothing. It is totally wrong. We should control the technology, not the technology which controls us right? And... I miss that technology :(

And yes, feel much relieved now. A new path of growing up. Never been easy, but never been that hard. Hello June, promise to be nice.

*Post Script: when I still had not got the replacement for my sim card, I went to my student's house and nobody opened the door because the bell was not functioned. I did not have their contact, so I made a note and slipped it under the fence, hoped they would see it. And yeah, it worked, they called me! It felt like... time-machine, returned to so many years ago :/

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Tanaya said...

Haha... I smiled and gave a little laugh when I read the last lines about you leaving a note, Icha. People nowadays rarely do that anymore..

I hope things will always be full of hikmah for you, Icha.