June 12, 2014

One Month and A Half With Kids

Being private tutor has a lot of good and sad stories, and teaching kids is one of the most challenging experience ever! They are Syifa in class 4 and Faiz in class 1. I accidentally meet her mom when I go back from class and she asks me to teach her kids if I have some time. So, why not? I just need to walk to arrive there and I have free time on the evening.

Teaching kids is not that hard, but not that easy. It is about education, because you have to understand them, be a good example, and be patient for their curiosity. But sometimes being patience needs great effort when you are tired or having bad mood, and they scream to each other or drop a glass of water to the floor........... LOL. When they learn, they used to sit in my laps, and sometimes the sister is jealous to her brother if he steals my attention. They love to talk and tell their imagination when they are doing homework. So I just can laugh after listening their stories. They love recording me with their tablet, oh no. And if the test come, I teach everyday include all subjects from religion until math. Of course, teaching Al Quran is something really new for me! They are smart, but they get to be bored easily because they have a lot of activities and courses. Urban kids have tough life.

From this experience, I learn that nowadays parenting is getting more difficult. The challenge is everywhere, and filtering the media or environment from giving bad impact is something to fight for. Sometimes I am shocked when they know things which are not for their age, for example about having relationship and it is not something rare to find in elementary school. I realize that being elementary teacher is a tough job, so it is important if government should maintain the policy that cares to their welfare. And of course, the kids are entertaining. Knowing that they trust me to be their listener is priceless.

So, here comes the moment that I choose not to continue my side job. The mid test will come and it is tiring because the pressure is amazing, LOL. It is more tiring than teaching adults. They ask me not to leave and give me a cute rabbit doll as a present. Oh, it is too sweet. When the mom asks me the reason, my answer is........... I am going to get married soon. What a random answer! -___- The mom is surprised and she thinks I am still 21. I am gonna be 25 this year *cry*

Cute bunny from kids :')

See you again kids. I love you :*

Post script: I always have dream that I can be a great educator or lecturer someday, and I can teach something related to my competence. Aamiin :)

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