July 8, 2014


Every tear which falls on Ramadhan is wonderful. It reflects story about heart, hopes, family, and beautiful relationship between Rabb and soul. So is it - as what happens to me this year. It is the most sentimental Ramadhan ever. Because I realize next year life is not same anymore. Months to go, the big thing's gonna happen. Yes, it is a big deal.

The biggest fear of mine is I can't see my mom and dad as much as today. The good news is when I call them, they still treat me as a little girl. Nothing really changes. I hope I will always be their little girl forever. When I come home this Eid, I want to sleep with my mom as long as I can. I want to spend quality time with them and make them feel loved and happy.

Some good friends begin to leave because they are afraid being too close make them miss me when change is something that I can't deny. It makes me sad. Rabb, please give me strength and deep hugs from useless anxiety and doubt.

I just wish time would not run that fast. But it does.

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