June 27, 2014

Upgrade Something Yummy!

I have leisure time these days so I get chance to upgrade my potential which makes me more womanly! I learn to cook! *cry* I learn to prepare my own dinner and some snacks. Fortunately there is a grocery near my dorm. Sorry for my dormmates because they've been my objects to taste my food. LOL.

So far, I've successfully made fried rice, bolognase spaghetti, potato balls, chocolate pancake, and another dishes from chicken, eggs, and vegetable. It feels so good because you know what's actually inside your own food - it means healthier and more savings, yay! But because I'm quite blind with the techniques when I read the recipes, I choose to watch the tutorial from YouTube or call my mom.

The best thing is when looking at person I love eat my food happily... It's priceless. It motivates me to learn more and more. I always believe every woman has talent in cooking by nature, it just takes time! :D

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