August 13, 2014


"We can't choose where and under which conditions we were born, but the future is as free as you choose it to be"

This is what my mom and dad always teach me that no matter how tough our life in the past, forgive and never look back, don't complain. We must change our destiny.

I am very thankful of having open-minded parents as I remembered one apprehensive thing related to my big family. I was born as an Arabic, though it's difficult to explain in which race I am included to people questioning. I am a proud Indonesian, that's it.

As pure blood, half blood, or any name given for people who indirectly have connection with Arabic family (which surprise me, because the bond and the sense of belonging to the culture are very strong), we used to be grown up with tight patriarchal mindset in which girls and boys sometimes are raised with different treatment. Boys get more chance in education, choice, having a job than girls. Matchmaking is also a culture, because marriage with the same race is the prestige.

I once asked my cousins when I got home about what they would take after they graduated from high schools. Some said they didn't know, some said they were not allowed to have higher education because of irresonable fear though they have financial capability, just stayed at home, or were ready to get married. I don't think it is a bad choice, but maintaining that mindset makes me upset because... it breaks their dream. And the quality of our generation doesn't develop as fast as others :(

I am very grateful that my mom and dad provide me a big chance to have education as I witnessed they chose not to buy things to keep me live well, drink milk, or read weekly children magazines. They sacrificed a lot... for me.

My dad said he would never allow me to be sad, have same condition with him, or allow people to break my heart. I have to live much better in my future. He believes that religion even guides to raise girls in good manner. Some people asked why my father gave me permission to have education far away from home, to choose my own marriage partner, to have job, to be independent, or to maintain dream that I will go abroad to study someday...... but of course by not forgetting my fate and nature as a woman. He always pursues me to say I can. I have to, show to them, change the family history, surprise the world of impossibility, and I can make them proud.

I will.

Because, yes it is, education is the shortest way to change the life.

I love you mom and dad :')

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