September 19, 2014

Long Semester

Believe it or not, it feels like the longest semester ever in STAN. I am so thankful, the final exam is over. And, the best thing is... to say goodbye to the weirdest subject in this semester. HAPPY. However, three days after exam, I still could not move on. I had to force myself to accomplish the rest of unsolved practice exam in one night. Thanks for being deadliner, O-blood type! And, I did it. HAPPIER. You really don't know how strong you are until you've EVER tried. I got headache because I didn't sleep. I tried to sleep but the problems haunted in my dream. I woke up and tried to finish it again. I slept on the morning, got terrible face, and gifted myself with the present: face acupressure! Been soooo long I didn't have massage or go to beauty shop. The big day's gonna come but I have not got any special treatment yet................................ :)))))))

Thousands and millions gratitude to Allah, because the list of preparation completed one by one. And, we did most of them by the only two of us. The tiredness hits every weekend. But it feels like an adventure. The real adventure. Laugh is everywhere though the saving is declining sharply, yes! I am so grateful that I have the best partner and team mate like him to deal with these. So, what's still not being checked from the list? Wedding picture! Aaaargh, so difficult to ask him to have cute picture only for one capture *cry* But, I've made a deal to do it on the beginning of October. Wish me luck XD

I get a week free before welcoming another new semester. I have abundant me time: reading old novel, watching Pride and Prejudice over and over for the sake of seeing Mr. Darcy, printing labels and sending invitation, enjoying my room before moving, googling with keyword "life after marriage", "how to be a wife in first days" *really, I have no idea* and packaging hundreds of souvenirs alone. LOL. Once in a life time, it's very happy to feel the excitement of preparation to the fullest.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God....and until today, sometimes I'm not sure it's real. It is not a dream. It's real. Thanks Allah, I'm blessed :)

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