December 20, 2014


I think I don't need bungee jumping or tight competition to challenge myself. Life is just more challenging these days. The hardest is battling with ego to make everything balanced such as between achieving my own targets - yes, I really don't understand why a forgetful and shy person like me could be, and doing the housework with my own hands from cleaning, cooking, shopping, but staying look good. It is so challenging.

I learn a lot of things after getting married, it is love - that means giving the best that you can do, and making the priority of your loved ones. My skill of cooking and baking is improved. How nice that I can forgive the bad day by cooking good things. I prefer going to traditional markets to department stores. I love staying at home, making sure everything alright, browsing about new recipes, and forcing myself to stay focusing on my commitment: one day one review - which honestly it is so hard to do when I can't fight for willingness to allocate my rest time to read and write, or practice my English or writing which kind of messed up. I think being deadliner is never unlocked.

The best thing is, nowadays, I feel so productive in spending time. Holiday is not a nightmare anymore when I don't go home or when I just sleep all day and being antisocial in my room. Holiday is a moment when I can be a better woman for myself and for my husband by improving my skill of nurturing and multitasking. I can feel it truly in my heart then I feel so blessed. I am not sure I can experience this anymore next year when I go back to work.

Ego is the enemy of November people, and perfectionism is the sophisticated killer of happiness. Time flies and sometimes you have to come out from your comfort zone, and become rational of your targets. I realize that trying to make everything balanced is hard, but at least, knowing the priority and changing the habits will make you happier - it will bring you go to something worth it to fight for, not something that feels empty and lonely when you have reached it.

Happiness changes its pattern when you've been growing older.


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