June 19, 2015

The Laws of Productivity

Our rational minds know that we have to finish our assignments, house chores, or any activity that needs commitment, but the monkey minds ask the rational minds to play in the comfort zones, such as - checking Facebook, watching TV series, having depressing naps, or any guilty pleasure that seems so good to do except those assignments. Welcome, procrastination! And that's what I learn during this semester - that moment when looking back to your thesis is just too difficult. AND EVERYTHING OH MY GOD IS MUCH EXTRAORDINARY FUN!

Procrastination is human nature. Sometimes you just have intuition not to do it today, and follow the mood, do it tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes the day after, and so on. And, later becomes never - until the deadline hunts!

That behavior can be linked to popular physics principle: Newton's laws.

First Law of Motion: An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force. 

It means objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. So, it relates to procrastination. If we keep moving and get started to keep going, congratulation! We're gonna have productive day. But, if we start the day with laziness, we will just be trapped in lazy day, body seems going to sleep all day. And it's true!

So, besides get started, what do I do to help myself from procrastinating?

First, make a target. 
Having a target is the best way to stay motivated. It answers the question about why you do those things. The target can be in deadline, achievement, appreciation, extra money, opportunity, or anything that makes you feel energized. Make the target simple, rational, and achievable.

Second, try to like it or try to understand it.
My main reason why I procrastinate is because I don't like what I'm doing, or something worse, I don't know how to finish it. For example, I don't like the object of my thesis because I don't understand what to write and what to develop it. But I keep reading about it and I start to get the point, it seems to be fascinating, and I enjoy it. It's similar with when I don't know how to cook, I hate to cook. But it starts to be nice when I keep practicing, I like cooking then.

A study confirms that the process of escaping from procrastinating zone is not easy. But, when the result comes, the satisfaction is priceless. The scale of satisfaction and quality is different compared with things you finish in hurry. You lose the learning value.

Third, give reward to yourself.
It looks naive, but giving something special for myself is a great motivation when I finish my assignment. The gift is simple, such as massage, spa, good food, new book, long naps, or HOLIDAY. For example, if I cook and clean the kitchen now, I can have extra time to sleep. And, I can't wait to start the chores.

Fourth, use 2-minute rule.
I read this trick from TIME article. So it relates to the previous theory, we can stop procrastinating by getting started things that don't need long time to finish. For example, if I feel not into writing, just start to open the Microsoft Word, and use 2-minute rule: write one sentence. This first step will bring me to another big step, I write one page! Another example, if you are too lazy to exercise, use 2-minute rule: put on your shoes. This first step will bring you to move your body. Every big thing depends on the very first small thing.

Fifth, minimize the distraction.
Social media is the biggest distraction. When your phone rings and there are messages is Whats-app or twitter, you can't stop to stay away from your phone easily. Just try to minimize the distraction and focus.

Last, talk to friends that can inspire you.
A quote said, "You are what your friends are". So, when you feel depressed and pessimistic about your life, keep complaining, or just too lazy to make any progress, maybe something wrong around you - your environment support you to feel that way. Energy is spreading. When you are with someone with positive energy, you can feel that energy is getting into you too.

Anyway, I've just remembered this, happy sixth anniversary my blooming edelweiss! :)


deadyrizky said...

but according to daisypath below, it's four years

@chabadres said...

haha, you're really concerned in detail. Actually, my daisy path talks about my relationship journey, not my blog's :\