January 21, 2014

D4 Gala Night

Gala Night was held in Jan 18, 2014 for D4 students. It was Saturday evening and took place at G Building, STAN. For us, this event was for celebration of friendship and joy while sometimes we were too busy being chased by assignments and busyness itself. It felt like a prom night while the gentlemen wore suits and the ladies wore dresses. Actually, the event had been started from a month ago with some games and sports. And in the morning at the same day, the traditional competition was held. I wanted to try something new so I followed relay race. It was so fun although I could not move my legs afterwards :(

Every class had to represent food stall and one performance. At first, I was so confused and sad because actually no girlfriend from my class could attend the event and prepare the food. But there were still available hands willing to give help. We shopped, decorated the stall, and organized things together. It was quite long I didn't experience moment like that. So, two days before the event, I tried to browse some information about online order for Tumpeng. Thank God, I found the page and contacted them immediately. Dapur Nera was very professional and helpful! The taste was good, and the fried chicken was the best. I was so happy when friends came visiting our stall and took the food. I tried food from other classes too. They were very creative! There were spaghetti, cakes, pudding, 'siomay', snack in 90's, and many more.

And yeah, we got third place for best performance. Thought it was so exhausting, but it was so delightful.

 Thanks guys!

*The picture taken from friend's camera.

January 10, 2014

Fenomena Bitcoin

Jadi postingan ini dibuat dalam edisi BARU TAUUU haha *norak* yang terinspirasi setelah oom saya menanyakan hal begini,

"Icha pernah dengar cryptocurrency atau bitcoin?"

"Haa, apa tuh oom?"

Oom saya lalu menjelaskan dengan semangat. Sepertinya beliau punya ketertarikan yang besar dengan fenomena ini. Jadi, apa itu sebenarnya bitcoin?


Kira-kira begini.

Bitcoin merupakan mata uang yang terdapat di dunia maya yang menggunakan konsep kriptografi. Kriptografi adalah ilmu yang mempelajari teknik-teknik matematika yang berhubungan dengan aspek kerahasiaan dan keamanan dari informasi. Sehingga, tidak seperti alat transaksi lainnya yang berhubungan dengan bank seperti kartu kredit yang rentan terhadap risiko pencurian yang marak terjadi di dunia online. 

Logo Bitcoin

Mata uang digital yang dibuat oleh Satoshi Nakamoto pada tahun 2009 ini memang mulai mencuri perhatian dunia. Semakin banyak orang yang menggunakannya untuk bertransaksi. Untuk mendapatkan bitcoin, kita bisa membelinya melalui trader atau miner - sebuah istilah yang sama dengan analogi penambangan emas. Bahkan terdapat software khusus untuk menambang atau mencari bitcoin lho. Software tersebut akan terhubung dengan server khusus yang berpotensi sebagai tambang penghasil bitcoin. Dengan modal software gratis yang disebut bitcoin miner dan hardware komputer yang cukup canggih, maka setiap orang dapat ikut berpartisipasi.

January 9, 2014

I Can Feel You From Your Package, Mom

I love sending surprises and exchanging packages with parents either their favorite food or souvenir of the places I go. It feels like I stay connecting to them although I can't be there and go home often. This time, my mom sent me a package. I was so happy because it was quite long that I didn't receive examination doping from mom. At the third day of mid test, the package arrived. Yes, it just arrived! I opened it, and here the simple happiness she sent to me.

mumu :*

Mom made spicy anchovies and peanuts. Mom wanted me to eat it with cooked rice and vegetable. But I liked to enjoy it as snack! Mom ground the chillies with grinding stones by herself. I could feel her hand and her love in it. She needed about a fourth kilos chillies! She asked, "Is it super hot?" And I answered, "No, it's not at all, mom" LOL. Something's wrong with my tongue :/

Mom also included my favorite childhood snacks in the package. You can see from the picture, they are Cloud 9 Chocolate, Hello Panda (Oh God, I love it!), and 41 Orong-orong. It is one of traditional snacks from Medan produced since 1982 made from flour and egg. So addictive. As usual, she always warned me to eat regularly and not to have unhealthy diet. Of course not mom, I love food. It is my everlasting problem huksss. But I am so excited to welcome healthier and slimmer me in 2014! Let's start with workout routine!

Thank you, mom and dad. I love you. May Allah protect you and bless you always.

January 8, 2014

Mind Crisis

"You are what you think you are"

That quote is true! The environment is one of the most influencing things that shapes our mindset. If I call this syndrome as mid-life crisis, it will be too waaaaay early! I'm still not that old, but sometimes I feel oh my god i am OLD. LOL. Why? Being in this campus as the closest environment of mine and comparing the age gap with my juniors, I realize that I've grown up mentally and physically, and there are things that I've advanced and things that I'm late to learn. Nothing should matter with this. So, why matters? I mention it as mind crisis.

Life. In society, sometimes you are the youngest or you are the oldest. Sometimes you are part of the majority or part of the minority. In office, you may become the youngest staff, but in the college you are part of the seniors circle. I know that I have tendency to be easier talking and connecting with older people, I don't know why. But being here, I learn something nice too, e.g. escaping from comfort zone, socializing with new circle, and coaching my younger juniors. So, again, what matters? Go away mind crisis! :)

I had a weird experience yesterday. Here is the story. Surprisingly, I and my classmate passed as 12 nominees in STAN Next Top Writer. Honestly, I used to think my writings were bad and I had no confidence about them :( But, what becomes problem? I and my classmate were the only advanced diploma students among other 10 juniors. We were shy and suddenly said, "WE ARE OLD". LOL. When all of the nominees were asked to gather to get new writing challenge, we made a consensus.

"You should come with me"

"I don't know. I'll try. I'm shy being there"

"If I am there alone, I have no friend to share this shy feelings!"

And, I chose not to come. I thought it was better to give the opportunity to juniors. The event was not for us. My classmate came there alone and he said, "Dare you. I am here as the OLDEST. In the end of the gathering, we take picture together. I feel like...".

"We are still cute!"

"I know, LOL. But I realize I should throw away that negative feeling. If I don't, I'll lose my chance to learn"

He was true! If we couldn't control our mind crisis, negative image of ourselves, or being childish in this grown-up body, we would have never learned. I thought I was eliminated directly because I didn't come, but I was still allowed to follow next challenge. Thank you committee :)

Yes, what matters? STAY YOUNG AND FEEL CUTE TO THE FULLEST! Be positive and say goodbye to mind crisis!

Postscript: About things that I'm late to learn? Hmmm. I have things-to-learn-before-I-die list. Learning guitar, cooking, and riding bicycle are on my top list. It's quite embarrassing, no? :'( Should I be shy because I can't do that until this age? I shouldn't. I hope I have chance :D

January 6, 2014

Patahan #81

Ibu adalah satu-satunya orang yang tidak menyuruhku berhenti ketika aku menangis. Namun, dia membisikkan doa dan kata-kata penguatan yang mampu membuat tangisku berhenti dengan sendirinya.


Mom, you are the queen of my heart. Your love is like tears from the stars.

January 4, 2014

Don't Hate Her

Don't hate her because she loves asking the questions. It's not to fail you, trust her and look upon her heart. She does it because she really wants to know, no matter else. Don't hate her because she likes to read the books. It's not cool for you, but it's the simplest way for her to find some peace, and similar with you who like movie or travel a lot. Don't hate her because she craves for weekend. She just needs to meet that guy whose his arms become her shelter. Don't hate her because she is a loner. You just don't know what's wandering around her mind in her silence. Don't hate her because she hates this place that she used to dream of. All she needs is love and treated as a normal.

Just hate her because she hurts you or hurts herself more than anyone else.

Because beyond what you have ever thought about her, there is a hidden sadness in her eyes and her smile. She always looks miserable even when she laughs.

January 3, 2014

#14 Maret dan Mei: Ini Mimpi Buruk

Pukul satu dini hari.

Mei mendadak menelpon Maret yang sedang bertugas di luar kota. Ini masih hari kelima dari total dua puluh hari yang harus dijalani.

Maret mengangkat handphone yang tergeletak di samping bantalnya dengan gegabah. Khawatir Mei sedang sakit atau dalam bahaya.

"Mei, kamu kenapa?"

"Aku sudah berwudhu dan berdoa sebelum tidur. Tapi aku masih saja bermimpi buruk"

Maret menghela napas lega menyadari Mei baik-baik saja. Dia tidak baik-baik saja tepatnya, dia sedang diporak-porandakan rindu.

"Mimpi apa itu, Mei?"

"Ini mimpi yang sama dalam lima hari berturut-turut. Aku bermimpi dipeluk olehmu Maret. Erat sekali. Terasa nyata. Sangat nyata. Sampai aku berpikir bahwa yang terjadi itu benar adanya"

"Kenapa kau sebut mimpi buruk. Bukankah itu indah?"

"Karena saat aku membuka mataku, pelukan itu masih terasa nyata. Tapi ternyata itu hanya fana. Aku terbangun dan menyadari kau tak di sisiku. Dan itu membuatku tersedu-sedu"

"Berbaik sangkalah. Itu berarti Tuhan menitipkan rinduku melalui mimpi-mimpimu. Juga doamu"

"Maaf yaa selalu kacau begini"

"Tak apa nanti saat aku pulang, kau akan kupeluk sampai puas"

Setelah perbincangan itu, Mei kembali tidur dengan nyenyak. Tangan yang mendekapnya di mimpi itu masih terasa sangat nyata. Menjaganya di sepanjang lelap hingga terjaga.

*i borrow the picture from here. Thank you :)

January 2, 2014

Memulai Investasi

Akhirnyaaa, setelah beberapa bulan yang lalu postnya masih berisi tentang belajar investasi, sekarang saatnya memulai investasi melalui pembelian reksadana. Jujur aja saya rasanya telaaat banget baru mulai, mungkin baru berani ya tepatnya jadi yang baru jalan cuma sebatas Tabungan Rencana, dan hal ini dilakukan sebagaimana tekad saya di tahun 2014 untuk memulai pengelolaan keuangan yang lebih baik.

Nah, investasi seperti reksadana ini merupakan salah satu instrumen untuk mempertahankan nilai uang atau melawan arus inflasi. Sadar atau nggak, inflasi tiap bulan tiap tahun pertumbuhannya ga ketulungan. Karena memang secara ekonomi, selama masih ada uang yang dicetak dan terjadi gejolak pertumbuhan ekonomi, maka inflasi juga terus tumbuh. Cara pemerintah buat mengendalikan inflasi ini antara lain adalah melalui kebijakan moneter pengaturan suku bunga, mencukupi kuota kebutuhan domestik seperti melalui impor biar ga terjadi kelangkaan, subsidi, atau menetapkan ceiling dan floor price supaya ga ada oknum yang mempermainkan harga sewenang-wenang di pasar.

Tapi tetep aja yaa akan ada kekuatan pasar yang ga bisa dibendung, mekanisme demand dan supply bakal terus berjalan. Sebagai contoh, harga rumah yang terus naik sampai puluhan persen, biaya pendidikan yang tambah mahaaal aja gila brooo harga bangku perguruan tinggi sekarang, harga katering buat resepsi (LOL, serius!), atau harga kebutuhan pokok yang kenaikannya dianggap sepele cuma ratusan rupiah tapi terus menerus. Apalagi berdasarkan hasil penelitian BPS, biaya hidup warga Jakarta merupakan yang tertinggi di Indonesia sebagaimana dilansir dalam situs berita berikut. Kalau dihitung-hitung inflasi real pertahunnya mah bisa mencapai 10-20%. Ga sebanding sama kenaikan pendapatan, terutama pendapatan mahasiswa tugas belajar *hammer*

January 1, 2014

Heart Medication (2)

A friend said, " If you haven't had experience of being robbed in public transportation, so you are not legitimate to live in Jakarta". Seriously? Naudzubillah :(

This friend, my best partner in sub-directorate, has been so often being robbed or losing something. Why? Because he used to have blank mind or sleep in public transportation. So we didn't surprise anymore when he told us that he lost his phone or wallet :( *pukpuk*

I had experience too, i hope it will not happen anymore. May Allah protect us. It happened two years ago and it remained so strong in my mind as a heart medication and trust that faith in humanity still existed in Jakarta. I was on the way to office in Lapangan Banteng from my aunt's in Condet. I used to get there by Metro Mini 53 until Kampung Melayu and continued with Mikrolet M01 until office instead of super crowded Trans Jakarta. Metro Mini 53 was really crazy, you should go before 6 am to survive from crazy traffic in PGC and to get place to stand. The driver also had no fear! That day, i chose not to go with metro mini. So i took mikrolet to PGC, and then changed to Kampung Melayu.