April 17, 2014


Let's try something crazy. Before we move on, I will tell you about myself. I am Emily Maple Chemical Cherry. Surprised with my name? So am I. My father is a scientist. My mother loves plants. Magically, they both adore Einstein. And I become the victim. They create my name refer to this popular relativity equation: E=mc2. Got it now?

My parents never allow me to fall in love or have fun for eighteen years. When the girls scream for One Direction concert, i dream about Milky Way with encyclopedia below my head. So, here is the clue about something crazy that I've told before: "Emily will fall in love". It's not an axiom or hypotheses, by the way. I jump directly to conclusion: "I already fall in love!"

Who's the man? He is the man I've found in Facebook! He is my friend's friend. I made a note about the book that I've just read and I tagged my friend, but incidentally she mentioned him in her comment - because he liked that book too. Then, we became friend! Nature conspired!

He is smart and handsome (again, it's my conclusion from regular chat we make in Yahoo!). I've never seen a man like him in my class. He comes from another university. I learn about engineering and his study field is economy. Errrr I have no idea what my father will say if I date a man with different background. But what can't I do if it turns to love? It is similar with gravity did in Newton's Law, right? I can't deny it.

We chat every night talking about books, hot news, global warming, capitalism, and free trade. How bored! Can we talk about something else? I hope I can ask that but I'm afraid he will not be interested to me anymore if I change the subject. For your information, I save most of his pictures in my phone, oh God... "Emily is crazy with him!"

My friend asks me to meet up (oops, honestly I'm the one who pioneers this appointment). They are old friends so she invites him too. I am so excited I could die! We have one day-off so she invites me to stay in her house. It is my first time coming to her house, it is quite far and it takes a lot of sacrifice to take this chance. I buy some his favorites books, I don't sleep to finish my overloaded assignments, and I lie to my father, "It is study trip, dad" | "Great. Send me your report after you come back soon". Seriously, dad?

Challenge accepted! What can't I do if it turns to love?

We wait and wait and... I open Facebook from my phone, find his status saying this, "Joining our volunteer project or meeting new friend. Not easy choice". I know the person he means is me. I give comment soon, "It's fine. We can meet again. The children need you"

I fail to meet him. I FAIL! WHAT A REGRET. And i should send a report for my dad. It is my modified assignment, honestly.

We keep chatting for more than a year, but still never meet each other. It is his birthday, he is in my city and he asks me and my friend to meet - without plan. I have a test and I FAIL again to meet him. I feel so sorry, I collect bravery to call him. First try, I sweat! Second try, success! I listen to his voice for the first time. He says it's fine. Oh, angel's voice! I want that voice again!

More than two years, the online chat between us still goes on, but not every day, maybe once a week. He's been busy. I keep imagining if I am his girl. Imaginary boyfriend is like imaginary number. It's crazy. It's not real. But i like it. My life seems happier after I know him.

Here comes my birthday. I invite him to meet up. He tries to come, but not sure he can. I am so excited. I do strict diet, I don't eat for days. I lose my weight but I can't think and study well because I am too weak. It is a sacrifice, it's fine! I want to look beautiful in front of him. Beauty and brain are complete dishes. I make special chocolate from the money that I got from teaching kids. The day has come. He sends me greetings, and... apologizes because he has additional class. He can't come.

I am so sad. Too sad. I regret everything I've done. Third Newton's Law doesn't work for me! I cry for a day. I don't care for surprises that my parents send and my friends make for me. I just want him. But... i don't get chance to meet him again.

It's not Emily if she easily gives up. Edison needed a thousand trials to create light bulb so I don't lose my mind. I ask his address and decide to send the chocolate. I run to the nearest shop to buy a shirt for him and package it with a jar of chocolate. Yes, I'm the one who has birthday and I'm the one who gives present! I write a letter, I drop my tears during writing. I hate myself when I am melancholy...

After three days, he sends me message. He loves my chocolate. But he doesn't reply my letter. I hate him. I start to hate him. But I hate myself more because I begin something crazy like this. I trap and I can't escape. There is no man in my eyes except him.

We don't chat after that breaking point. I still stalk him. He often mentions anonymous person in his tweets and I always feel it is me. He likes me! I mention him sometimes to respond what he tweets. I can't lie to myself I really admire him. Still, we never meet.

It is already three years. A couple of months after we graduate (my father gifts me a lot of scholarship proposal to continue my study........ I can't take a rest), I open his Facebook page. And I find something crazier.

He is engaged.


skydragon_shipper said...

--He is engaged--

I can feel my heart trembling too..haha

I cant wait for the nxt chapt mbak Icha ^__~ ganbate

@chabadres said...

hehe, that's the power of flashfiction! XD

wait for another story..... :)))