August 22, 2014

My Friend was An Alien

She was Laura. She wrote everything that she listened in class.

I began to know her in the second week of our first semester in university. It was not I remembered, Laura noted it! She was one of only two girls existed (or maybe lost) in mechanical engineering class. She was quite different. She had long hair with cute bangs and tidy pony tail. She loved asking random questions that shocked everyone. She was too neat........ errr okay, beautiful for being a mechanic compared with another girl - her name was Max. Yet, we still didn't believe she was a girl because she was more manly than a man. That was why we called Laura as an alien. And guess, she was not mad at all. What an alien!

I was late that day for an hour, oops! The crazy lecturer was writing a crazy formula on white board without moving his head, it was chance! I entered the room peacefully... and that girl was sitting alone on the front seats again. ALONE. She had written carefully everything since the beginning of the class. I wondered if the lecturer sneezed, maybe she would write it too as a compliment. Because she wrote everything!

"Hey Laura, it's me Adam. It's our first time to chat, right? Sorry, may I borrow your note book?"

She looked at me with her big eyes....... errrr okay, big beautiful eyes. Why I felt sinful to say beautiful!

"Hello Adam. Yes, you may. But please return it tomorrow. I need it"

She wrote my name and my borrowing date on her another note book. Did it look like a debt collector book? What an alien!

"Why do you write everything? Are you a kind of nerd or what? Do you study everyday?"

She laughed. My first time to see her laugh. And she was..... errrrr okay,  beautiful. Blame my heartbeat!

"I am a forgetful person. I was sick when I was a kid, here something hit my brain, I was fine then but I lost my memory capability. I write everything to help my brain. I am not as smart as people here. I need extra effort to chase you all guys. Diligence is my only power"

"We think you are an alien......."

What I was saying! My mouth!

"It is a pleasure to have an alien studying here, right? Please, tomorrow give the book back to me. If you don't...."

This girl had good sense of humor, anyway.

"If I don't?"

"You have to accompany me sitting on the front seats everyday!"

"Is it a punishment? Really? I think it is an award!"

She was silent and left the class in hurry trying to ignore my unstoppable laugh. I thought I had a good idea.


"How dare you don't bring my book!"

"I'm sorry. I learned your notes until midnight and...... I overslept, I left it on my desk"

Of course I was lying! It was my idea.

"You broke your promise! Stay away from me"

This alien was cute when she was upset. I giggled.

"I don't want to break another promise. 
Here is my dignity. I am going to sit on the front seats beside you everyday"

"Sorry, I forget. It's impossible for me to say that!"

"You won't forget it. You've marked it in your debt collector book"

"You say what? Debt collector book?"

I thought I won this game. I enjoyed this debate.

"So why do you punish me to sit beside you? Because you like me?"

Double bullets! What I was saying! 
Somebody should have knocked my head.


"Yes, you like me"


"Yes, you do"


She ran away with tears raining on her cheeks. I thought I had ruined everything. I just wanted to know her better and played some jokes, but I was too far. No doubt she hated me.

She never came back after what happened between us. The lecturers did not know where she was. Did I make her sick? Nobody could contact her or her parents. She had no close friend. Her address was fake, we could not find it. We came to her high school, but no student named Laura had been registered there. She was gone.

Where was she? Did I break her heart?  Was she going back to her home planet or move to another universe? Please, what I was talking about. No way, she was an alien. Alien was not real.

I opened her note book page by page, punched by regret why I was too late to realize, and I had found something chilling me. She wrote:

"Sept 19. Adam is sitting beside me. Oh, what should I do? Do I look beautiful? How can I look terrible in front of him? There is something about him that attracts me from my first sight. Is it love? Is he similar with me? Can he rescue me? I think I am in love with a human. It is not okay......"

Human? Similar with her? Was she not human? Did he try to play me? I was chilling.

I turned to another page, a page with a title. Adam's hair. Adam's eyes. Adam's smile. One long description for one item about me? Why did she write these things in her formula book? Did she do it incidentally? Did she forget? Did she give a hint to me?

I suddenly remembered her pony tail swinging left and right while she was in hurry. She was beautiful, extremely beautiful creature I had ever seen. Perfect. Her skin, her eyes, her lips, her intelligence.

I started to miss her.

I was really sorry. Would you come back here again? Do you need help?

And after that, gazing the night sky, reading her notes, and waiting miracle happened became my routines. Being haunted by the guilt was killing me. Maybe it was insane. But there was a bright star appeared every night when the sky were clear. It blinked.

Once, twice, thrice. It reminded me to her eyes.

Laura, was it you?



The DreamCatcher said...

kalo mereka jadian, waahhh judulnya bakalan my girlfriend is an alien.
keren kak...!

@chabadres said...

haha, mirip my girlfriend is gumiho dong yaaa :))